About us

Our journey started at the kitchen table during the Covid lockdown of 2020; a few rough sock sketches, a pack of marker pens and plenty of time to spare. A little side project which drew inspiration from our knowledge and love of vintage sportswear and The Ivy League, all the while juggling our existing occupations and busy lives which had reluctantly been paused, has now been transformed into way more than we could have expected.

Growing up in the 80's and being inspired by American Sportwear, Varsity fonts and colourways from the 'Big Four' has helped create these timeless, preppy designs.

Design, production and manufacturing in the UK is something we feel strongly about and therefore made the choice to produce everything in a small, family run factory way up in the Scottish Highlands. We are making small runs, operating sustainably and making a lasting, quality product, which is at core of our beliefs. 

When we embarked on this project, we wanted to support and give back to a cause that is very important to us and extremely close to our hearts. As such, we have chosen to support UK CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) - a charity that campaign tirelessly for the prevention against suicide and creates awareness about mental health - www.thecalmzone.net

We hope you will share and enjoy the Ivy Ellis journey with us.

Team IE x